Collection: School Signs

Looking for a way to keep your school premises attractive, safe, and secure? Look no further than our durable signs! Made from heavy-duty rustproof aluminum and DOT-certified vinyl, our signs are covered in a UV-protective laminate for long-lasting protection from the elements. Plus, they're not just practical - they're also attractive and easy to understand, making them a great addition for teachers, students, and visitors alike!

  • Durable and Vandalization Proof: Signs made from 0.063 and 0.080 will not rust, bend, or tear increasing their longevity and keeping them safe from vandals. The UV laminate used is graffiti-proof; ink and paint can be cleaned from the surface with minimal effort.
  • Clear Message: The concise wording leaves no room for confusion and reflective sheeting makes these signs legible outdoors even in the darkest of conditions.
  • Customizable: Add your mascot or school logo and make signs for any purpose in colors that highlight school spirit.
  • Rounded Corners: Easy handling and a professional appearance.
  • Prepunched Holes: Hassle-free installation.
  • Safety First: Clear signage both inside and out creates a safer environment for students, teachers, administrators, and visitors.
  • Appreciated by Visitors: Properly placed signs improve navigation and management within your facility.
School Signs