Frequently Asked Questions is owned and operated by Interstate SignWays, a leading manufacturer of signage across America since 1959. Based in Little Rock, Arkansas, SignWays uses only the highest quality 3M inks and sheeting plus domestic high gauge corrosion treated aluminum to manufacture your signs. We also laminate every sign with 3M 1170c to provide UV protection against fading. Learn more about Interstate SignWays and how your signs are made here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the quality level of the signs?

SignWays in a certified 3M sign manufacturer. We go through an on-site quality and process audit annually by 3M. SignWays signs are made with the same equipment and quality as the signs we make for State and Local Departments of Transportation, airports and other mass transit systems.

How quickly will I receive my sign?

If you order prior to 12 noon central time Monday through Friday, your sign will ship the same day. Orders placed after that will ship the next business day.

Does it take longer to receive a custom sign vs a regular sign?

It does not. No matter if the sign includes custom text, custom art or both, custom signs are produced in the same amount of time as a standard “off the shelf” sign. Our manufacturing process and the use of the highest quality digital printing technology, allows us quickly make your sign.

Is shipping included for free?

Shipping is free on all orders over $29. Orders less than $29 will include a shipping fee based on the type of shipping and where we are shipping to.